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Allred Criticizes Otter … Offers Nothing Constructive

8 February 2010

In another example of politics as usual, Keith Allred, Democratic candidate for governor, issued a press release on Friday criticizing Governor Otter for “irrational pessimism and recklessness”.  What qualifies as “irrational pessimism”?  What does that even mean?  One cannot help but see the irony in Mr. Allred’s attack, as, in the same breath that he criticizes the Governor, Mr. Allred states: “These are the toughest economic circumstances in Idaho in my lifetime.”  We’re curious here at GSBR how Mr. Allred’s pessimism differs from Gov. Otter’s, and how the former’s is rational while the latter’s irrational.

Mr. Allred continues in his press release to criticize Gov. Otter’s proposal to cut funding to Idaho Public Television, the Parks Department, and to education as “reckless”.  The great thing about being a candidate is not having to do anything.  Just sit back and throw stones.  How exactly would Mr. Allred improve the State’s budget?  We don’t know.  He offers nothing on that front.  Mr. Allred claims that Gov. Otter is “surrendering” in the face of the economic difficulties, and that he, on the other hand would “roll up his sleeves”.  (A lesson that he learned on his grandfather’s ranch, apparently.)  But the Governor is the one doing the actual work; the one actually making difficult decisions.  Allred fails to offer anything constructive.  Nothing.

Our suggestion to the pretender to the governor’s seat: describe what you would do differently.  What parts of the budget would you cut, if any?  How would you close the budget gap, which is only growing larger.  What taxes would you raise?  Where do you stand.  In the words of Jim Rome, “Have a take.”  Unfortunately for us Idahoans, Mr. Allred doesn’t, and we’re all the less fortunate for it.

Our tone is not meant to be snarky.  But we are concerned that in a time of upheaval and uncertainty, Idaho is getting the same-ol’-same-ol’.  We wish that politicians see the ridiculousness of saying one thing and doing another.  We want leaders to lead.

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  1. 8 February 2010 10:29 am

    Thanks for the comment on our story about the Allred/Otter sparring.

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